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Johnson Feed Barn was established in March of 1984 when Richard and Ellen Jo Johnson purchased the building and business located just east of the Coleman County Courthouse. The Johnsons partnered in the business with their daughter Renea, and son-in-law, Brent McMillan. Brent actually began working in the store in 1980, when it operated under Wilson Grain, which it has been for many years, then was purchased by another family becoming The Feed Barn for a brief stint, before becoming Johnson Feed Barn. Though difficult to find a firm build date, it is estimated the original building was built prior to 1900.

Over the years, the feed business has changed from a very dominant livestock feed business of primarily cattle and sheep feed to a much more diversified business involving a large portion of wildlife feed sales. As this trend continues, JFB found itself in a very dated building needing substantial work, and extremely landlocked which prevented the expansion of many products such as feeders for wildlife and livestock, deer blinds, and hay sales. In the spring of 2022, the family business began looking at options for a new location.

In mid-October 2022, Johnson Feed Barn, LLC opened the doors at its new and current location at 615 North Neches. The family business now operates off an entire city block, with an enclosed hay barn, and fenced lot for livestock and deer feeders, deer blinds, and so much more. The warehouse holds a variety of livestock, wildlife, and specialty feeds to fit the needs of everyone. The new location also allowed a large storefront which allowed massive expansion in shelf products including Big Country Toys, Longhorn Coffee, gloves, animal health products, show supplies products, pet supplies, chicken and wild bird feeders of all types, hunting accessories, and so much more. We also carry Classic Equine ropes and tack, a large selection of work gloves, pesticides, herbicides, feed storage containers, Meat Church, Cruz Spices, and The Judges’ Choice seasonings.

On any given day you are likely to now find four generations working at the store. Along with Richard, Brent, and Renea, Josh, and Brittni (McMillan), Kaczyk joined the family's day-to-day business on July 5, 2022. Josh and Brittni and their two kids, Breanna and Jackson, are full-time regulars at Johnson Feed Barn and are proud Coleman County residents. On weekends, you will also likely find Matt and Whitney (McMillan) Shorb and their two boys, Heston and Carson working the family business. They currently reside in San Angelo.